Arizona Hombu - Karate, Martial Arts Weapons & Self-Defense classes for Adults & Families, East Valley of Phoenix (Chandler - Gilbert - Mesa, Arizona) taught by Instructor of the Year, International 
Instructor of the Year & Grandmaster Instructor of the Year. Inductee in several Halls of Fame 
including the North American Black Belt, World Martial Arts Black Belt
& World Karate Union Halls of Fame

  • "Be like water" flow with an attack (traditional Okinawa karate)
    Japanese Peace Garden, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Traditional Okinawa and samurai weapons, Arizona Hombu, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Arizona
    Kobudo weapons at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, Mesa, Arizona (
  • Pond and waterfall at the Japanese Peace Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona
    Daniel san, be like water (
  • copyright sketch by Soke Hausel, Arizona Hombu, Mesa
    Geisha - copyright color pencil sketch by Soke Hausel
  • Back-fist strike during karate training, Arizona Hombu, Mesa, Arizona
    Dr. Teule defends with backfist strike during karate class at the Arizona Hombu
  • Sensei Paula Borea wear traditional kimono at Hombu Christmas Party. Sensei was born in Japan and has Samurai-lineage.
    Sensei Borea, 2nd dan, born in Japan and descendant of samurai, wears kimono at Hombu Christmas party.
  • We love our engineers - here Amanda, one of dozens of engineers in Shorin-Ryu karate, practices kata at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa.
    Amanda (an engineer from Mesa) practices Meikyo kata (
  • Sensei Paula training in Pinan kata at the Arizona Hombu, Mesa, Chandler, Arizona
    Sensei Paula Borea practices kata on Tuesday evenings at the Arizona Hombu, Mesa, Arizona
  • Rich Mendolia practices kobudo with Dr. Adam at the Arizona Hombu.
    Rich and Dr. Adam train in kobudo at the Arizona Hombu.
  • Members, such as Adam Bialek, learn to defend against muggers with hand guns, knives and rifles at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa
    Self-Defense night - Adam takes rifle from mugger.
  • Kobudo training at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate (Hombu) on the border Mesa with Gilbert and Chandler
    Kobudo night brings out kama at the Arizona hombu, Mesa
  • Application of self-defense technique from Gojushiho kata
    Bunkai - self-defense application from Rohai kata demonstrated by Rich on Ryan
  • Self-portrait, copyright sketch by Soke Hausel
    Karate training can be tough - color pencil sketch, copyright by Soke Hausel
  • Bojutsu - the art of stick fighting
    Sensei Harden trains with bo (6-foot staff) during Thursday's Kobudo class at the Arizona Hombu.
  • Samurai train during Thanksgiving in Gilbert, Arizona
    Soke Hausel celebrates Thanksgiving in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Night time in Gilbert, Arizona
    Japanese lanterns, Gilbert, Arizona
  • Women's karate training at the Arizona Hombu
    Sensei Paula, Sensei Victoria and Sensei Kathy at the Arizona Hombu, Gilbert, Arizona
  • Dave practices basics such as jodan uke - high block during karate class
    Dave practices jodan uke (high block)
  • Our Hall-of-Fame wall at the Arizona Hombu, East Valley of Phoenix
    Welcome to our dojo
  • Sai, an Okinawa weapon of self-defense (
    Adam, an accountant, trains with Sai
  • Hanbo (half-bo), weapon of self-defense at Arizona Traditional Karate in Mesa (
    Hanbo classes at the Arizona Hombu. The hanbo is a half bo of 3 feet in length and is part of the Samurai Arts classes on Thursday evenings
  • Karate is symbolized by tigers - copyright sketch by Soke Hausel
  • Hanbo - a great weapon to learn for those who walk with canes, law enforcement, and the general public
    One of more than 4 dozen reasons why you should never grab a man with a stick.
  • Kama training ( at the Arizona Hombu, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Arizona
    Sensei Scofield trains with Dave at the Arizona Hombu
  • Ben and Gavin train in kobudo applications at the Arizona Hombu, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Arizona
    Ben and Gavin train with kama
  • Sensei Scott Pritchett and Sensei Ryan Harden train in kobudo using kama and nitanbo, Mesa
    Sensei Harden trains with Sensei Pritchett
  • Sunset in Gilbert Arizona near the Arizona Hombu in Mesa
    Sunset at the Arizona Hombu training center in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Student practice karate basics known as Kihon, Arizona hombu, Mesa
    Traditional Okinawan karate focuses on kata (forms) for self-defense & physical fitness.
"Be like water" flow with an attack (traditional Okinawa karate)
Japanese Peace Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Karate, Mesa Karate, Arizona Kobudo, Arizona Samurai, Gilbert Karate, Chandler Karate, Self-Defense, Award Winning Instructors - all at one martial arts school at the 60 W. Baseline Center, Mesa

Classes in Traditional Karate, Kobudo (Okinawa MA weapons), Samurai Arts and Self-Defense


Check out our Class Schedule (Ph 480-294-1001)

Grandmaster Hausel awarded certificate by students, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Arizona

Welcome to our traditional karate school & administrative Hombu in Mesa, Arizona. Our classes feature 16-time Hall-of-Fame inductee, grandmaster & former professor of martial arts at the University of Wyoming, ASU, University of New Mexico & University of Utah. Our classes are for adults & families with one special class for Kids.

We are affiliated with Juko Kai International, Zen Kokusai Soke Budo-Bugei Renmei & Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai Shorin-Ryu Karate (translates as "Pine forest style" in Japanese & "Shaolin style" in Chinese. This is in reference to Shorin-Ryu having evolved from the Gung fu martial arts of the Shaolin monks. Shorin-Ryu is one of the original forms of combat karate developed on Okinawa.

The Arizona Hombu (aka Arizona School of Traditional Karate) in Mesa serves as a traditional (non-competitive) martial arts facility for the East Valley of Phoenix. Our classes are for women, men, senior citizens, families, school teachers, professionals & church groups from beginner to the highest level black belt. Children are encouraged to train with parents, but we are starting a special Kids Karate class in the Fall of 2015.

Gichin Funakoshi (the father of modern karate) said, "The Purpose of Karate lies not in defeat or victory, but in the perfection of its participants". Traditional karate is considered a 'weapon', not 'sport' and we teach it as a weapon. At the same time, students must be 'perfected' to respect karate. We do not take part in any type of competition! 

Watch some of karate & kobudo videos of our students and faculty and feel free to visit our school at the 60 W. Baseline Center on the border of Mesa with Chandler and Gilbert

Compare our fees, experience, business longevity with anyone in Arizona (about us)

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