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Karate Classes for Adults, Families & School Teachers

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  • Japanese Peace Garden, Arizona
    Japanese Peace Garden, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Kobudo weapons at the Arizona Hombu
    Kobudo weapons at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, Mesa, Arizona
  • Water fall at the Peace Gardens
    Mizu (water)
  • Dr. Adam trains with Kathy at the Arizona Hombu
    Training with sai during kobudo night at the Arizona Hombu. Dr. Neal Adam, Dai Shihan defends attack by Sensei Kathy, Mesa, Arizona.
  • Color pencil sketch by Soke Hausel
    Geisha - copyright color pencil sketch by Soke Hausel
  • Dr. Teule demonstrates back fist, Mesa, Arizona
    Dr. Teule defends with backfist strike during karate class at the Arizona Hombu
  • Sensei Paula wear traditional kimono, Gilbert, Arizona
    Sensei Borea, 2nd dan, born in Japan and descendant of samurai, wears kimono at Christmas party.
  • Amanda trains in kata, Mesa, Arizona
    Amanda (an engineer from Mesa) practices Meikyo kata.
  • Sensei Paula trains in Pinan Nidan during karate class, Mesa, Arizona
    Sensei Paula Borea practices kata on Tuesday evenings at the Arizona Hombu, Mesa, Arizona
  • Karate was derived from White Crane Gung Fu
    Karate originated from White Crane Kung Fu - copyright sketch by Soke Hausel
  • Dr Adam and Rich, Mesa, Arizona
    Rich and Dr. Adam train in kobudo at the Arizona Hombu.
  • Adam defends against rifle, Chandler, Arizona
    Self-Defense night - Adam takes rifle from mugger.
  • Kama jutsu training, Mesa, Arizona
    Kobudo night brings out kama at the Arizona hombu, Mesa
  • Soke Hausel demonstrates body hardening at Basketball half-time
    Soke Hausel demonstrates extreme body hardening at half-time.
  • Rich trains with Ryan, Mesa, Arizona
    Bunkai - self-defense application from Rohai kata demonstrated by Rich on Ryan
  • Karate can wear one out. Copyright sketch by Soke Hausel
    Karate training can be tough - color pencil sketch, copyright by Soke Hausel
  • Chase Cassidy (Wyoming) and Heather From (Colorado) train in samurai arts
    Samurai arts at the Gillette, Wyoming dojo Chase Cassidy and Heather From
  • Bo (6-foot staff) training during kobudo class, Mesa, Arizona
    Sensei Harden trains with bo (6-foot staff) during Thursday's Kobudo class at the Arizona Hombu.
  • Soke celebrates Thanksgiving, Gilbert, Arizona
    Soke Hausel celebrates Thanksgiving in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Japanese lanterns, Gilbert, Arizona
    Japanese lanterns, Gilbert, Arizona
  • Sensei Paula, Kathy and Victoria train in Women's karate, Mesa, Arizona
    Sensei Paula, Sensei Victoria and Sensei Kathy at the Arizona Hombu, Gilbert, Arizona
  • Japanese peace gardens, Phoenix, Arizona
    Deer scare, Japanese Peace Garden
  • Defending attack with nunchaku
    Gavin trains with nunchaku
  • Dave practices high block, Chandler, Arizona
    Dave practices jodan uke (high block)
  • Welcome to our dojo, Mesa, Arizona
    Welcome to our dojo
  • Sai-jutsu, Mesa, Arizona
    Adam, an accountant, trains with Sai
  • Gilbert sunset, Arizona
    Arizona sunset
  • Luis and Todd from Utah train with hanbo at the Arizona Hombu
    Hanbo classes at the Arizona Hombu. The hanbo is a half bo of 3 feet in length and is part of the Samurai Arts classes on Thursday evenings
  • Karate will bring the tiger out of you. Copyright sketch by Soke Hausel
Japanese Peace Garden, Arizona
Japanese Peace Garden, Phoenix, Arizona
"My backyard" Copyright colored pencil sketch by Soke Hausel

Our Traditional Karate & related martial arts classes are geared towards Adults & Families at the Arizona Hombu at the 60 W. Baseline Center on the border of Gilbert & Mesa, Arizona, a short distance from Chandler. 

The Arizona Hombu serves as a traditional Karate School known as the Arizona School of Traditional Karate for the general public, and as the international headquarters for Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai(TM). We provide traditional (non-competitive) classes in Karate, Martial Arts Weapons (i.e., Okinawan Kobudo), Samurai Arts & Self-Defense. We also provide training for women and school teachers. Our training is for beginners to the highest ranked black belts.

We gear our classes towards adults, but children may learn with their parents as part of family training. We have the best of the best in karate instructors including a Grandmaster (Soke), a Master instructor (Shihan), Hall-of-Fame karate instructors and other adult instructors. In total, we have more than 100 years experience in martial arts. 

Stop by and visit our uniquely decorated traditional martial arts school. We offer no contracts and have no salesmen. We are affiliated with Juko Kai International & Zen Kokusai Soke Budo-Bugei Renmei.  

Check out our Class ScheduleCompare our Fees, Experience, business longevity with anyone in Arizona. Unlike the martial arts school down the street, we will still be here.