Self Defense

Daniel san: “All right, so what are the rules here?”
Miyagi: “Don’t know. First time you, first time me”.
Daniel san: “Well, I figured you knew about this stuff. I figured you went to these before. Oh great, I’m dead. I am dead. You told me you fought a lot”.
Miyagi: “For life, not for points”.

SELF DEFENSE. Tuesdays we train in kata with some self-defense. Wednesdays, we focus on self-defense with a little kata. Bunkai is the self-defense applications extracted from karate kata. We defend against grabs, throws, chokes, bear-hugs, takedowns, punches, sucker punches, kicks, haymakers, knives, handguns, rifles, swords. Karate is the ultimate form of empty-hand self-defense, You are never too old to learn karate!

In addition to hands and feet, we add kobudo and even common tools for self defense, such as pens, fingernail files, canes, umbrellas, keychains, magazines, belts, etc. You are surrounded by weapons, learn to recognize them!

Self-defense training starts as ippon kumite (one-step attack). Kids who attend our classes train with their parents. So, unlike other dojo, you will not have to defend against a 3-year-old who will kick you in the shin. And school teachers, will want to check us out.


KARATE for SELF-DEFENSE. Kata consists of pragmatic self-defense applications, such that when a person learns kata, they learn self-defense applications for almost any kind of attack. Our karate and kobudo students learn these applications and forms, and train constantly so they become second.

SELF-DEFENSE. We’ve taught dozens of self-defense clinics, classes and seminars to a hundreds of women, men, seniors, librarians, university and high-school students, faculty, military, religious groups, businesses, and martial artists over the years. In one case, Soke Hausel taught a group of taekwondo black belts from Idaho and Wyoming. These people were very impressed and one Taekwondo school owner (5th degree black belt), actually closed his school and moved to Laramie, so he could train directly under Soke.

SELF-DEFENSE for SENIORS. Unfortunately, education in public schools no longer includes respect for others, and many seniors have fallen victim of vicious attacks by such poorly educatied people. As a senior citizen, you are welcome to train in our martial arts school, or you can set up a group or club self-defense clinic with Soke either at our dojo, or at your active senior living facility (we had two of our seniors successfully defend themselves using karate in Mesa).

SELF-DEFENSE for WOMEN. Soke Hausel taught women’s self-defense clinics, classes and seminars at the University of Wyoming for 30 years. Women should learn martial arts for self-protection and also learn to use common weapons such as a magazine, keys, pens, combs.

SELF-DEFENSE for TEACHERS & LIBRARIANS. It’s a sad commentary on our society that school teachers and librarians are sometimes physically attacked by students and parents. We recommend karate – or at least schedule a self-defense clinic with Soke to learn some very practical and simple techniques that may save your life. Just get your faculty together, call us, and we’ll come to your school (or you can visit our dojo) and teach you after school or on a weekend.