Arizona School of Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts, Mesa, AZ

Traditional (non-sport) Okinawa Karate, Kobudo, Self- Defense & Samurai Arts classes for adults & families at the Arizona Hombu (NE corner of Baseline & MacDonald). Affiliated with Juko Kai.



“Karate …. is a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training, and creative efforts.” – Sokeshodai Shoshin Nagamine (founder of Matsubayashi-ryu

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“Karate and kobudo start with etiquette. This must be practiced until second nature. Only then can a student truly begin the study of karate and

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Samurai Arts

One who fishes with yari (spear) gets fish & defends his meal at same time” – Soke Hausel SAMURAI ARTS. Samurai arts are taught with

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Self Defense

Daniel san: “All right, so what are the rules here?” Miyagi: “Don’t know. First time you, first time me”. Daniel san: “Well, I figured you

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On your first night, YOU WILL LEARN TO BOW!

You cannot learn traditional karate if you do not bow and bow often. This is a very important part of martial arts. Bow when you enter and bow when you leave a dojo floor, bow at the beginning and ending of class. Bow deeply to your Soke or Sensei, bow to your training partner, bow deeper to anyone who out-ranks you. Learn to say “Hai” anytime you are corrected by any black belt: this is a sign of respect. We’ll introduce you to everyone in the class and teach you basics (kihon) of karate. When it is apparent you need help, we put you with a senior black belt for individual attention.

Adult & Family Shorin-Ryu Karate Classes

Our classes focus on traditional martial arts to enhance respect, courtesy and self-confidence while building positive, attitudes. You will learn forms (kata), self-defense (bunkai), basics (kihon), and body hardening (shitai kori) and feel physically and mentally better. We train adults (women and men) as well as families (parents, grandparents & kids) in group classes T, W, Th evenings. Where else can you find the best instructor in Phoenix other than at the Arizona Hombu Dojo!

Kobudo & Samurai Arts Classes (Martial Arts Weapons)

Few martial arts schools offer such a wide range of karate, kobudo and samurai arts as the Arizona Hombu. Our instructors are certified in both the US and Okinawa and have more than a century of experience.

Kobudo, the ancient art of Okinawan weapons, incorporates farming and fishing tools modified as weapons. Samurai arts of Japan include samurai sword (katana), spear (yari), halberd (naginata), knife (tanto), short bo (hanbo), jujutsu, and other weapons.